What’s on your ultimate reading list?

I have lists of books everywhere. They’re in notes on my iPhone, messages I’ve saved, emails flagged red. They’re on post-its in my office, the notebook in my bag and even scrawled on the back of my hand. I have so many pages waiting to be read that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.

A quick Google search reveals that there are 129,864,880 books. Let’s imagine the average book is 70,000 words and takes four hours to read; that’s nearly 60 years of solid reading time (not to mention the 2.2 million new books published every year). Even I can’t read that much.

I needed a way to pick out the very best books to read – the ones that would swell my heart, scare the life out of me and completely alter my perception. This is the result: Bucket List Book Shop. Pretty soon we’ll be sharing the outcome of our research and sharing the ultimate reading list, packed full of unmissable books.

But it’s not that simple; one person’s treasure is another’s trash. What I adore (The Count of Monte Cristo) might not tickle your fancy as much as something a bit more saucy (Fifty Shades of Grey,* anyone?). So I’d love to know which books ar eon your ultimate reading list. What could you not put down? What inspired you to change? What should I be reading too?

It’s World Book Day (in the UK, which is its very own world) on 2 March and we’re starting the countdown to our big launch on World Book and Copyright Day (the one for the whole world) on 23 April. We’d love you to join us on this journey – share your ultimate reading list and get the latest news on Facebook and Twitter, or contact us to stay in touch.

What’s on your shelf?