Our teas

“But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea.” ― Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

All of our Bucket List collections come with a hand-picked selection of teas to match the theme. If you’d like to swap one for something different, just let us know!

The Old Man and the Tea
Journey to the Caribbean, like Cuban fisherman Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea, with this black tea.

This Russian mix of black tea is the perfect accompaniment to a literary journey into Russia.

Madame Bovatea
Unleash your naughty side with this passionfruit black tea.

War and Teas
It’s time for a revolution: a green tea revolution.

Charlotte Brontea
Just like Charlotte Brontë, the star anise goes by different names. Think of her when you’re enjoying this herbal tea.

Enjoy this aphrodisiac herbal mix while you’re reading something racy… just keep it away from Humbert Humbert.

A Tale of Two Citeas
It’s so very London, this delightful Lady Grey. Sip it as you go on a European journey.

Don Quixotea
What better to drink on adventure than this adventure mix of herbs; Cervantes himself would have approved.

For Whom the Kettle Boils
The closest you’ll get to a boozy tea leaf, this cocktail black tea would have been perfect for Hemingway.

Unlock the mystery of history’s biggest epic novels with this black tea.

Harry Teapotter
This herbal tea will help you enter a dream world, led by imagination and filled with magic.