We’re all busy. We run from meeting to meeting, working ourselves silly in between and desperately trying to make time for family.

Reading is a healer: it helps reduce stress levels, increase empathy and improve sleep. But in our busy lives it’s often a challenge to pick up a book. When you do get that time, wouldn’t it be great to know the book you’re holding is one of the very best?

Nearly 130 million books have been published, and more than 2 million new ones are added to the collection every year. There are plenty of terrible books out there. We want to protect our “me time” and make sure every moment we spend with a book is the best it can be.

We have analyzed thousands of pieces of information from literary prizes, sales figures, reader ratings and expert selections to build a list of the 100 best novelists of all time – the Bucket List.

They will take you on a journey across continents, oceans and decades, to the future and into surreal worlds. They will inspire you to think from new perspectives and question your very existence. And they’ll tell you some phenomenal stories.

At Bucket List Bookshop, you can have a magical reading experience – a journey into the jungle, an escape back to childhood, or a new friend – that will make the most of your “me time,” and might even change your life.